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Exchange and sharing of ideas, experiences in marine and reef keeping as well as protect and conserve the God given richness of Philippine marine resources.


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The Philippine Reef Club supports our government effort in protecting and conserving the diverse and rich marine resources of the country.

Philippines Marine Biodiversity – A Unique World Treasure

The Philippines forms an ocean region that has long been recognized as the world’s center of marine biodiversity. With the Malay archipelago, Papua New Guinea and Australia, the country forms the ‘Coral Triangle,’ so-called because of the abundance of its coral reef life. Some 400-500 species in 90 genera of reef-forming corals are believed to exist in this region. Sulu-Sulawesi Sea, a 900,000-square-kilometer marine eco-region that lies at the apex of the Coral Triangle (70% in the Philippines, 20% Indonesia, 10% Malaysia), is home to some 2,500 species of fish.

A 2005 report (Carpenter 2005) suggests that the Philippines is not only part of the center but is, in fact, the epicenter of marine biodiversity, with the richest concentration of marine life on the entire planet.

100 scientists have declared the Philippines as the world’s “center of marine biodiversity” because of its vast species of marine and coastal resources”- World Bank

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