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Find the treasures of the underwater world

A few words about us

We are professionals in diving and we are passionate about it

Dive Club was established in 1998 in Pathos, as one of the first diving centers around Cyprus. We are fully equipped with the good willing, respect and love to one of the most beautiful and magical sports or hobbies in the world - diving! In our diving center you will find a teaching class equipped with all necessary for every member concerning their theoretical education. Modern air compressors for the fast and safe load of the tanks, 3 speedboats for the diving excursions and more!

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Our members

John McCoist
Julia Berzkalna
Sam Kromstain
Julie Herzigova

Our advantages

group activities

The dive club has regular club activities such as social gatherings, BBQ's club nights as well as club only dives to local and distant dive sites.

exotic dives

Members of Philippine Reef Club Dive Club can enjoy exotic dive trips to Cozumel in Mexico, Mombasa in Kenya, Dahab in Egypt and many more.


Every member of our club can use a variety of discounts and special offers available at Philippine Reef Club, including reduced prices on our equipment.



Our diving coaches can give any necessary assistance, instruct and guide you during your training. You can fully trust them!


The diving center of Philippine Reef Club can provide you with necessary accomodation in case you are travelling.

Diving trips

Our coaches regularly organize diving trips to various locations - from Mediterranean Sea to Pacific Ocean.


If you decided to stay in Pathos, we can offer you a guided tour showing you all attractions of our city.


The variety of courses provided by our club can satisfy the needs of any diving enthusiast or professional.

Diving medicine

In case you or your diving partner got hurt, our medical staff will instantly provide first aid and eliminate unwanted effects.